Commentary About Textiles, Sustainability, and Environment
Climate Action Commentary 150 150 EnViro Thread

Climate Action Commentary

NYT Opinion is exactly right in their take down video (see below) of the corporate world’s latest attempt to delay real action on climate change. First there was the green movement, then the path to sustainability, and today all we hear about is the Net Zero initiative. Net Zero offers the idea that if we…

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Southeast Asia as a Textile Hub 150 150 EnViro Thread

Southeast Asia as a Textile Hub

When it comes to the textile businesses operating in Southeast Asia, times are changing, and fast. While cheap wages, lower labor regulations, and lesser environmental restrictions might have helped the region develop as the most robust and thriving region for the textile industry, those days are coming to an end. Pressures from within and outside…

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Clothing 8 Billion People 150 150 EnViro Thread

Clothing 8 Billion People

We’re a technology company that’s in the business of clothing people, so we were very excited to hear that our potential customer base is going to hit 8 Billion people some time this year. That number may sound scary to some because of the questions it raises. Some not related to textiles, like: ● How…

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Waste in Textile Production 150 150 EnViro Thread

Waste in Textile Production

From cradle to grave, everywhere you look along the textile production lifecycle there is waste. Unfortunately, due to economics that up until recently did not consider the societal and environmental externalities, we’ve been using wasteful processes to clothe our society. Today, these processes have become deeply ingrained within the textile industry, and we must work…

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